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I’ve been enjoying Rio Fit Meals take-out meals for about a year now. As a busy lawyer I know I can rely on quality suppers prepared for me. Rio Fit Meals are convenient but they ate so so much more.  It’s easy to find convenient suppers not so easy to find such quality. Rio Fit Meals are delicious, interesting, varied, nutritious and balanced. You know everything we’ve learned about eating. Eat more vegetables, more fiber, less red meat, more grains. Rio Fit Meals takes this seriously and creates five flavor-filled meals to take out each week. The meals are never boring. The meals combine veggies, grains, meat, fish, chicken, beans and seasonings into really different and savory combinations. I’ve had so many delicious meals of chicken, fish, beef, beans, rice, quinoa and chick peas.  Lots of veggies. Salads (and not your boring green iceberg lettuce salads). Fresh fruit salads. (I use these for breakfasts). Stuffed peppers (love them!); meatballs (made with quinoa!).  If Rio Fit Meals ever has another “tasting event” by all means GO. You’ll taste what I mean!  The food is simply – delicious. And I have the added satisfaction of a nutritious, varied, balanced and interesting meals conveniently prepared for me each week.

Michael Cioto
Loyal Customer - Woman

Your mouth will be smiling and your taste buds wondering just what is this delicious nutritious food and how can I taste and my body benefit from this healthy made for me food everyday! I first tried Rio Fit Meals at Comeketo: The amazing Brazilian Restaurant in Leominster Mass, where not only is the food mouth watering delicious but the passionate owner Rodrigo Souza exudes care & love as well of all Comeketo’s caring staff! That prompted me to attend a Rio Fit Meal tasting and literally I had to go back for second round tasting cause I just could not figure out which food was my favorite… well I settled it… THEY ALL ARE! Delicious, nutritious, cost wise so affordable and no brainier as they also eliminate food shopping and cooking time! LOVE RIO FIT MEALS….. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten better! Thank you, RIO FIT MEALS!!!

Lynne Benoit-Grzyb, Lifestyled Home